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Contraction vs. Expansion - Why You Will Lose Following the Masses - Dirk Van Reenen

March 19, 2020

We recorded this episode on Wednesday and put it up on YouTube that afternoon and the podcast on Thursday. With the news flowing in at such a rapid rate and our world and economy changing before our eyes, we just wanted to get the conversation out there for our industry.

One thing is clear from talking with such an action-oriented, inspiring person like Dirk - you can either sit on the sidelines and talk about how bad things could get, or you can get your mind right and take action.

In a 24-hour news cycle that is incentivized to be polarizing and get you to click or watch, Dirk is one of those leaders that gives us balance. Yes things are bad out there. Yes they will likely get worse. But we know from every single recession in our history, there is always opportunity and companies can come out of it stronger. So control what you can control!

You can find Dirk at the IEB website - https://www.iebcoaching.com/

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