Spectora Spotlight with Kevin Wagstaff

Creating Your Own Luck as a New Home Inspector | Kevin Ninnis

October 28, 2019

Sometimes a business can grow from pure luck and random interactions. Sometimes it's from your own attitude towards people. For Kevin Ninnis, it was all the above.

Kevin is a brand new home inspector. He happened to know a Realtor that happened to show his Spectora report to her new broker class. They all happened to start using Kevin. This all can't be luck.

Whether you're thinking about getting into the home inspection business, already started and struggling to gain traction or an experienced inspector wanting to hear how hungry this new class of inspectors are - this is a good episode for you.

Kevin drops his cell at the end of this episode, so that shows you how much he likes networking. You can reach him in the following ways, and at his soon to be built Spectora website :)