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Obsess Over Being a Clear Communicator + Automated Upsells: Adam Pontier

May 14, 2020

Adam Pontier of KC Property Experts is a refreshing guy to talk to. He is an everyday guy that just seems to do what's practical.

And he's winning in the Kansas City area. We get into his backstory and how we jumpstarted his growth years ago with clear communication, being himself and putting effort into relationship building.

You can tell he pays attention to the details - from his report to his emails to the way he mirrors different agents when he interacts. Something we can all learn from.

Other topics we cover:

  • Services he uses like Blipp, ACC, Spectora Advanced
  • Growth activities he used on Facebook
  • Sending schwag to agents
  • How to structures his emails to get clients to read them
  • The one email he sends that has increased his revenue by an average of $50/inspection

If you want to link up with Adam, find em on Facebook! Adam Pontier with KC Property Experts.

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