Spectora Spotlight with Kevin Wagstaff

Scott Knudson: Work/Life Balance and How to Start From Scratch in a New City

March 27, 2019

It was great to finally get Scott on the podcast because he has been through the highs and lows with Spectora. He was a very early adopter of the software and has had great benefits and also experienced early growing pains.

Regardless, we've enjoyed getting to know Scott and all his candor. He enjoys the sunny SoCal inspector life and shares some of this secrets to growing a business from scratch in a new city (he's had to do this 3 times), how you have to keep adapting to survive in this business and how to travel as much as he does while still managing a multi-inspector company.

He was also very vocal about how much he loves his Spectora made (shameless plug) website. This is where you can reach him if you are in the SoCal area or want to chat or learn about his little mastermind group. Check it out.


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